Baya Weaver

Baya Weaver

The Baya Weaver Project: So here’s the male Baya weaver with his semi-finished nest. While the nest building process is fascinating, their behaviour itself is quite interesting.

Once the nests are partially built, the males begin to display to passing females by flapping their wings and calling while hanging from their nests. It’s part of the mating process. The females inspect the nest and signal their acceptance of a male. Pairing done, the male goes on to complete the nest by adding the entrance tunnel. The females may modify the interiors or add blobs of mud 🙂

I have some more images showing the nest building process. And yes, one that shows the male flapping the wings to attract the female Baya Weaver.

Both shall follow 🙂

The fellow featured here is a male of burmanicus race, with the distinctive  bright yellow crown.

Ref: wikipedia

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