Indian Pond Heron

Indian Pond Heron

Right next to the NRI Estate, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai is this little lake/pond that has been at the centre of a tussle between builders and conservation folk. Quite a few birds frequent this waterbody.

This shot was taken late afternoon against the setting sun. I was camouflaged  by the foliage that abuts the lake. Am quite happy that the Pond Heron, which can’t claim to be the most attractive bird, offered quite a striking shot.

Some dope from wikipedia: The Indian Pond Heron or Paddybird (Ardeola grayii) is a small heron. It is of Old World origins, breeding in southern Iran and east toIndia, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. They are widespread and common but can be easily missed when they stalk prey at the edge of small water-bodies or even when they roost close to human habitations. They are however distinctive when they take off with bright white wings flashing in contrast to the cryptic streaked olive and brown colours of the body.

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