The Bird Man

The Bird Man

I must first introduce you to Vishwajeet S Naik.

I discovered him on Facebook. And here is why he is special.

Vishwajeet, in his garden in Pune, has been experimenting with artificial nesting since quite a few years.

Basically, he provides half the nesting material. The birds complete the remaining part.

Sounds so simple, no? It isn’t.

It needs patience, a deep understanding/knowledge of bird habits, species, behaviour.

It needs immense amount of time. Above all, it needs love.

So we drove down to Pune to visit him and witnessed first hand what he has achieved.

His garden has been home to almost 150 species of birds.

The extent of passion that he invests into this is amazing.

An extract from his FB post:

Artificial nesting has become essential, especially in the current scenario, where urbanization and development are at their peak. Pune being a developing city, has a constant influx of people, making it a highly populated city with growing population. There is a constant requirement to conserve the environment and allow the flora and fauna to be preserved. Birds being the most beautiful aspect of the environment need to be conserved. The best possible solution to this is through artificial nesting.


Vishwajeet’s entire family seems to be dedicated to the cause. His father, a renowned Orthopaedic, has himself treated injured birds in the past. His property is home to everything – birds, pets, insects, even snakes 🙂

In addition to this, he holds art classes on his property.

People regularly drop by from surrounding places, even Mumbai, to see his project.

I would urge you to check out his album on artificial nesting.

Just click this link.

The more people know about this, the better.

I look forward to inviting Vishwajeet to Mumbai for a guest lecture on Artificial Nesting soon.

His experiential learning is invaluable and must be heard.

And yes, the White-Throated Kingfisher in the picture is a regular visitor to his garden 🙂

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