Green Bee Eater

Green Bee Eater

Sinhagad Valley Project:

So there’s an interesting story behind this one. Prashant,Pramod and I were almost done with our birding trip and pretty tired. That’s when we spotted a Changeable Hawk Eagle. But it gave us the slip and flew way. So we decided to follow it. Which meant a long trek down a slippery, narrow path between the fields. The CHE again flew off just as we neared. So we went further to the other side of the valley. I’d had enough and decided to take a ten minute breather. Prashant and Pramod disappeared up a little climb. Within minutes Prashant comes running back for my camera. They had spotted something and he needed a longer lens. By the time I joined them, these three Green Bee Eaters had reduced to two, and finally only one. I had forgotten to tell Prashant that I had altered the focus settings, so he couldn’t get a decent focus and figured the shots were wasted. Later, when reviewing the shots, I found he did get this one sharp. So this shot goes to him. The good part about birding? Shots like these make everyone happy : you just see them and smile 🙂

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