Changeable Hawk Eagle

Changeable Hawk Eagle

Sinhagad Valley Project

This, undeniably, was a lovely visit. We spotted so many birds.

The initial part of the morning was spent glued to the stunning Asian Paradise Flycatcher that kept us hopping from one place to another.

Just then one of the birders walked up to us and asked if we wanted to see an eagle. We followed him.

High up on the tree was this Changeable Hawk Eagle. We kept going closer and closer, till he noticed us and watched us intently.

We knew he would take off any instant.

The fellow obliged and I was lucky enough to get a shot 🙂

Note: Also called Crested Hawk Eagles, these medium large raptors breed mainly in India and Sri Lanka. And from the southeast rim of the Himalaya across SE Asia to Indonesia & the Philippines.

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