Black Kite

Black Kite

The Padle Gaon Project

Our maiden visit to Padle Gaon proved to be quite something.
Given our unfamiliarity with the place, we started rather early.
Our directions and Google Maps both proved to be precise.
We drove through Padle Gaon, into Mothi Desai Village Park.
It turned out to be a dark clump of trees.
We drove through and reached the clearing.
It was still pre-sunrise, though we could spot a few raptors on the trees nearby.
We waited for the sun to rise.
The shooting conditions were unfriendly as there was fog, along with dust, thanks to some suspiciously illegal digging happening nearby.
But once the light came on strong, the place was a delight.
Raptors, Munias, Herons, Egrets and a surprise pair of Wooly Necked Storks.
The place is teeming with Kites and Marsh Harriers.
We spotted a Buzzard as well.
This particular image is pretty symbolic of the morning we saw.
The sun was out. So was the moon.
And so was this Black kite.

©2013 Rahul Jauhari. All rights reserved.

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