Red Munia

Red Munia

The Padle Gaon Project

We went back to Padle Gaon this Saturday.
And met the Red Munias.
These lovely birds move in flocks of 15-20 and hop from shrub to shrub on open grasslands.
The breeding male is a startling red in colour with white spotting.
While the females are duller with less of the spotting.
The Munias were shy and one had to sit quietly near the shrub and leave it to them to decide if we were friendly enough.
One flock decided to grant us a few moments of audience.
This one is a sub-adult – you can see the red colour is growing.
The Red Munia is also known as the Red Avadavat, even the Straweberry Finch.
They are quite lovely, though this one had an angry look about him 🙂

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