Paddyfield Pipit

Paddyfield Pipit

The Sinhagad Valley Project

For this financial year’s last birding session, we chose Sinhagad Valley 🙂
The pre-sunrise session began with the Paddyfield Pipit – they ventured close and offered some nice frames in the soft light.
Once the sun came up, the place gets really hot now. It’s mostly dry and brown, with very little water around.
The Brahminy Mynas are back.
The Scimitar Babblers are in.
Spotted a Golden-fronted Leafbird too.
I did hope to get a good shot of the Scimitars, but that didn’t happen – the fellows are quite shy.
I suspect we will now go back once the monsoon comes in and the place turns lush green and foggy.
Till the it’s goodbye to Sinhagad Valley.
We did end up spotting a fair number of birds, with some Spot-billed ducks on the way back.

The spotting list for this session is as follows:
Crested Hawk Eagle (CHE), Scimitar Babbler, Golden-fronted leafbird, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Chestnut-Shouldered Petronia, Black-Winged Kite, White-Throated Fantail, Coppersmith Barbet, Common Babbler, Common Shrike, Jungle Myna, Paddyfield Pipit, Brahminy Starling, Tailorbird, Plum Headed Parakeet, Pied Kingfisher, White Throated Kingfisher, River Tern, Little Cormorant & Spot Billed Duck.

There are some record shots of some CHE action.
Will post them next.

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