Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon

The Khao Kheow Project

So this time, in the middle of a work-packed trip to Bangkok, we managed to grab 3 hours at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo.
The Zoo is located a slightly longish drive away from the hustle-bustle of Bangkok city.
While the Zoo is spread across a massive 2000 acres, our main interest was the birds.
The zoo has this aviary, built as a two acre green-house, full of birds of all kinds.
The conservation attempt has been to keep the aviary as close to natural surrounds as possible.
It’s near-imposible to not get distracted by the sheer variety of birds flying around, or taking a dip in the central water source, or flying high up to get some sun.
While shooting birds in the open wild is a challenge, shooting them in the dimly lit aviary without a tripod proved to be very, very tough.
Here’s one of the unusual birds we spotted there.

Featured here:

The Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica).
It’s usually found in the Nicobar Islands, east through the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomons and Palau.
It is the only living member of the genus Caloenas.

Source: wikipedia

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  1. Amit Ashar May 12, 2013

    Hi Rahul. Glad to find that you enjoy photography . Its a nice moment of grace you have caught of this lovely Nicobar Pigeon. Sharing with you a few moments that i encountered in the backyard of my studio here in Versova.
    Amit Ashar

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