Malabar Pied Hornbill

Malabar Pied Hornbill

An incorrectly timed 12 hour drive from Mumbai saw us reach Ganeshgudi at 4am.

What followed was a sleepless day one.

We explored the area and saw a plethora of small birds.

No one had seen Hornbills around it seemed.

We did get to this spot where Leafbirds and Vernal Hanging parrots gave us a lot of their time.

But this image is from day 2.

By 5am we had left our base and were on way to Dandeli.

We were looking for Hornbills (with a vengeance).

Fortified with some idlis and chai from a local restaurant, we ventured into the Timber Depot area.

The rest is one epic session with Hornbills, Hornbills and some more Hornbills amidst skyscraper trees in a trek-worthy campus.

The images are plenty.

But if there is one image in my head from this recent Ganeshgudi/Dandeli trip, it is this one.

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