Malabar Rock Pit Viper

Malabar Rock Pit Viper

It was our second day at Ganeshgudi.

We were at the Old Magazine House.

Lunch over, the afternoon was slow and the few of us were hanging around outside hoping to see a random bird.

We were still an hour or two from birding time.

There was a bit of a commotion and this fine young gentleman was discovered.

It was a Malabar Rock Pit Viper: apparently a venomous snake.

The property guide spotted him near the lunch area.

While everyone went clickety-click, my discomfort with the tripod ensured I got literally zero shots with my Canon 5D Mark III.

The guide was in a hurry as well to out the little chap back in the green.

So I ran and took out the Nikon D5000 and took a few shots handheld.

This one came out pretty okay 🙂

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