Puff Throated Babbler

Puff Throated Babbler

I usually have this purist approach of shooting full frame pictures. Which doesn’t work very well on FB because the subject looks small. Whereas actually all the picture needs is to be blown up to the right size.
But Ganeshgudi posed an entirely different problem.
This picture is a classic Old Magazine House setup.
The birds come here for a sip/dip.
From a photographic perspective, the background sucks.
Either you have a really long lens that gives you a lovely bokeh.
Or you set up the tripod, shoot wider and then crop later.
I didn’t shoot here the first day. It was pointless, in my books.
The light was really bad. Which made the tripod absolutely imperative.
And like I said, I hated the tripod – it was clumsy.
Nevertheless, on Day 3, I joined decided to give the tripod and cropping a serious shot.
So here’s the first one.
The light was bad. The background was terrible. I had Canon 100-400 and was shooting at F5.6. On a tripod.
Thank god for a very good lens and a good tripod that I am getting used to now.
Plus full disclosure: the image is substantially cropped 🙂

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