Jungle Owlet

Jungle Owlet

It’s been the best possible start to 2014.

We flew down to Bangalore.

Then took an Innova to K Gudi Wilderness Camp in the BR Hills.

Initially I had planned to head to Kabini.

But given the plans were made very late in the day, we didn’t get bookings on the days we wanted.

Kunal, who runs JLR Kabini, suggested I try K Gudi.

K Gudi, being really old, seems to be not exactly the first choice of a serious wildlife freak.

But contrary to popular belief, I found it to be rich in sightings.

In spite of the fact that we were there for just 2 nights, our sightings were varied.

Firstly, it’s a great place for birding.

Shooting is not so easy as is usually the case in the woods.
(Unless you have a really long lens and can pick the birds out)

The JLR folks run the camp in their usual style: focused on wildlife and by the rulebook.

The in-house naturalists are knowledgeable, helpful and polite.

The safari into the BR Hills Tiger Reserve can throw up some truly unexpected sightings.

(I stand testimony to that)

All in all, a very short but very, very good trip.

Here’s my first sighting: spotted just before we entered the forest.

The Jungle Owlet or Barred Jungle Owlet.

Taken from the jeep, in low light with a hand-held Canon 100-400 from quite a distance.

The image has been cropped suitably.

©2014 Rahul Jauhari. All rights reserved.

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