Tiger (Panthera tigris)

Tiger (Panthera tigris)

The Kabini Backwater Male
(Panthera tigris)
Location: Nagarhole National Park

This stunning dominant male graced us with his presence over what I can only term as an extraordinary sighting.
Strong alarm calls from a Sambar guided us to the edge of the water.
We waited patiently for almost 20 minutes – three safari boats passed us by on the river – their noise could be the reason the cat was not coming out in the open.
There was a clear indication of a tiger’s presence on the other side of the undergrowth – the Sambar calls became stronger with each passing minute.
And then, there was an ever so subtle movement and Afsar, the JLR naturalist with us, pointed out this beauty to us.
He was quietly sitting, watching us from his camouflaged spot.
He watched us for a while and then came out – to within 15 feet of our jeep, scent-marked a tree trunk and walked off royally.
I have extensive coverage of this beauty over the next 20 odd minutes but I like this one shot the most.
It’s the best one to start with.

Jan 29, 2014. Kabini, Karnataka, India.

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