Brown Headed Gull

Brown Headed Gull

Kumbhargaon, a sleepy village in Bhigwan, is now a bustling birding destination.
Talk to Sandeep, an enterprising young chap from the village, and he will tell you that you can reach in the evening and stay over: for a nominal charge he has a room for you.
He also owns boats – you get to sail over the water for a first hand viewing of many birds the next morning: Flamingos, Black Headed Ibis, Glossy Ibis, Asian Openbill Stork, Painted Stork, Brown Headed Gull, Black Headed Gull, Slender Billed Gull, Grey Heron, Black Winged Stilts : just to name a few.
The weekend crowd will tell you how many folks are driving down to watch/shoot the birds.
The equipment ranges from the little autofocus camera to the massive new 7 lac plus lenses.
In fact they are building 3 new loos to service the ever rising number of visitors.
Business is good.
I do hope they manage to keep the soul intact and not let it become a picnic spot.
In the picture: This Brown Headed Gull caught the fish but couldn’t keep a grip on it. Shot from a boat with a Canon 5D mark III camera and Canon 100-400 lens mounted on it. Handheld, of course.
PS: (Sandeep will also offer you a delicious breakfast of Poha. And possibly the nicest cup of tea for miles around.)

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