• Grey Crowned Crane

    Grey Crowned Crane

    The Khao Kheow Project It was interesting to meet the national bird of Uganda, in Thailand. Pretty much like tourists from different nations run into each other. That apart, this extremely striking bird is an endangered species today. It does not migrate. And it has this booming call which involves the inflation of that red sac below its throat. Umm…thank…

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  • Oriental Magpie Robin

    Oriental Magpie Robin

    The Goa Project “Enough of you inquisitive photographers. I’m off.” Somewhere in the middle of our Zuari River adventure, I spotted this little Oriental Magpie Robin on a branch. Nothing new, for one has seen this bird very often. I guess this shot was a result of a habit of pointing the camera at anything with wings. The little chap…

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  • Brahminy Kite

    Brahminy Kite

    The Goa Project Brahminy Kite, in glorious flight. Saturday morning, off the Cortalim Jetty, we were boating along the river side. On a dried up tree, we saw this Kite perched. It was quite comfortable with our presence and allowed us to take a bunch of shots. We were just about wrapping up after taking a dozen odd shots when the…

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  • Paddyfield Pipit

    Paddyfield Pipit

    The Sinhagad Valley Project For this financial year’s last birding session, we chose Sinhagad Valley 🙂 The pre-sunrise session began with the Paddyfield Pipit – they ventured close and offered some nice frames in the soft light. Once the sun came up, the place gets really hot now. It’s mostly dry and brown, with very little water around. The Brahminy Mynas…

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  • Black Drongo

    Black Drongo

    The Padle Gaon Project Black Drongos are not uncommon. This fork-tailed bird is also called “Kotwal” locally. Drongos are aggressive birds, mostly unafraid of larger birds of prey. It was been written that Drongos are attracted to burning grasslands. And that they feed on the insects that are disturbed by the fire and smoke. That rings true, since a few…

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  • Red Munia

    Red Munia

    The Padle Gaon Project We went back to Padle Gaon this Saturday. And met the Red Munias. These lovely birds move in flocks of 15-20 and hop from shrub to shrub on open grasslands. The breeding male is a startling red in colour with white spotting. While the females are duller with less of the spotting. The Munias were shy…

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