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  • Forefather


    The Munnar Project At the entry gate to the Chinnar wildlife sanctuary, this gentleman and his kin wait. They will unzip suitcases and bags with remarkable ease and lessen your load, assuming you have kept your luggage on the overhead car carrier. BTW, do keep the windows rolled up. They might just wish to make a call from your mobile…

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  • Black Kite

    Black Kite

    Urban birding can also be a pleasure. Though the rewards are fewer. I was standing on my terrace when I saw this Black Kite flying straight at me. I took the picture by reflex, meanwhile the kite veered off the moment he saw me raise the camera. Made for a not so bad image, I think. ©2012 Rahul Jauhari. All…

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  • Green Bee Eater

    Green Bee Eater

    The Ulwe Project Sunday morning was a rather low key affair. Not too much to spot. However, we came across this chap sunning himself. The light was good and the little fellow gave us a fair amount of time. With December here, maybe it’s time to head into Sinhagad Valley and see what’s happening there. Next week I guess 🙂…

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  • Pied Kingfisher

    Pied Kingfisher

    The Ulwe Project A Pied Kingfisher hovers midair, scanning the water below for prey, before diving down. Captured pre-sunrise in low light along Uran Road. We had set out for our regular birding route, when along the way we spotted this fellow looking for breakfast – this was a reaction shot in low light. So am pretty happy I got…

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  • Flamingo


    The Ulwe Project In May, we got the chance to observe the visiting flamingoes over the waters facing Seawood, Navi Mumbai. Quite an experience as one got to observe the behaviour of these fabulous birds from close quarters. Shooting from a bobbing, unsteady boat was tough, but a learning experience 🙂 ©2012 Rahul Jauhari. All rights reserved.

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  • White Bellied Drongo

    White Bellied Drongo

    Tungareshwar: So this Sunday we visited Tungareshwar, near Vasai. It was a long, long trek uphill with very few sightings along the way. Near the top of the climb, I sat down for a while. In a bit these White Bellied Drongos appeared and began doing aerial acrobatics. Made for a nice frame. Spotted a few Yellow Footed Green Pigeons and…

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