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  • Malabar Giant Squirrel

    Malabar Giant Squirrel

    Malabar Giant Squirrel Image taken at Ganeshgudi as the fellow merrily snacked high up on the flowers of this Silk Cotton tree. The lens was the older & really heavy version of the Canon 400mm f/2.8 and I almost dislocated my shoulder shooting this one handheld. Lesson: Should. Never. Repeat. This. Equipment: Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 400mm f/2.8L IS…

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  • Back Kite

    Back Kite

    I particularly like this portrait. I quite think this white burn out is some sort of signature I could create – only problem with me is that I get bored of the same look pretty fast. The Black Kite – easily seen across Mumbai – rarely looks as majestic as in this picture – and that’s probably why I like…

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  • Painted Stork

    Painted Stork

    Last Saturday, we set out early AM by road towards Bhigwan. 4-5 hours later we were at Kumbhargaon, a little village. Sanjay, a resident who owns a few boats, took us for an hour and half on the waterbody along the village. The bird life was rich and thriving: everything from Slender Billed Gulls to Painted Storks, Flamingos, Black Ibis, Asian…

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  • Paddyfield Pipit

    Paddyfield Pipit

    The Sinhagad Valley Project For this financial year’s last birding session, we chose Sinhagad Valley 🙂 The pre-sunrise session began with the Paddyfield Pipit – they ventured close and offered some nice frames in the soft light. Once the sun came up, the place gets really hot now. It’s mostly dry and brown, with very little water around. The Brahminy Mynas…

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  • Black Drongo

    Black Drongo

    The Padle Gaon Project Black Drongos are not uncommon. This fork-tailed bird is also called “Kotwal” locally. Drongos are aggressive birds, mostly unafraid of larger birds of prey. It was been written that Drongos are attracted to burning grasslands. And that they feed on the insects that are disturbed by the fire and smoke. That rings true, since a few…

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  • Red Munia

    Red Munia

    The Padle Gaon Project We went back to Padle Gaon this Saturday. And met the Red Munias. These lovely birds move in flocks of 15-20 and hop from shrub to shrub on open grasslands. The breeding male is a startling red in colour with white spotting. While the females are duller with less of the spotting. The Munias were shy…

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  • Black Kite

    Black Kite

    The Padle Gaon Project The Black Kite: a commonplace sight in Mumbai. Yet the same Black Kite looked surprisingly more inspiring in Padle Gaon. I guess the environment does it. After all, which bird ever looked awesome sitting on a heap of garbage? The Kites spent a lot of time on this particular tree in Padle Gaon. Given there was…

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  • Common Sandpiper

    Common Sandpiper

    The Padle Gaon Project The Padle Gaon stretch post the grassland is presently witnessing large scale digging. Whether legal or not is unknown. The trucks have made motorable tracks on the mud. Along the tracks are small pools of water, besides the creek inlet. Well, this little Sandpiper was merrily enjoying one such pool. The light source was behind the…

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