The Goa Project

  • Oriental Magpie Robin

    Oriental Magpie Robin

    The Goa Project “Enough of you inquisitive photographers. I’m off.” Somewhere in the middle of our Zuari River adventure, I spotted this little Oriental Magpie Robin on a branch. Nothing new, for one has seen this bird very often. I guess this shot was a result of a habit of pointing the camera at anything with wings. The little chap…

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  • Brahminy Kite

    Brahminy Kite

    The Goa Project Brahminy Kite, in glorious flight. Saturday morning, off the Cortalim Jetty, we were boating along the river side. On a dried up tree, we saw this Kite perched. It was quite comfortable with our presence and allowed us to take a bunch of shots. We were just about wrapping up after taking a dozen odd shots when the…

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