The Kabini Project

  • Indian Roller

    Indian Roller

    The Kabini Project : This delightful bird gave me all the time I needed to admire it. And shoot it. Also known as the Blue Jay, it is easily spotted in Kabini. It didn’t seem as shy as the Rollers I had seen in Maharashtra. Indian Rollers look stunning when they dry themselves in the sun after a misty Kabini…

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  • Bi-Colored Frog

    Bi-Colored Frog

    The Kabini Project: The Bicolored Frog (Clinotarsus curtipes) is a species of frog found in the Western Ghats of India. This frog has a very toad like disposition. The tadpoles of the species are black and form dense and compact schools in slow moving streams in forested areas. While this chap was spotted on the banks of the Kabini River in April, his kind truly breed and appear in numbers during…

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