The Sinhagad Valley Project

  • Bulbul


    Sinhagad Valley Project: Late evening, on the way back from the Valley, we stopped for a cup of tea. Saw this bulbul, all wet, ruffled feathers on the wire. The light was poor, so a bit of lighting correction was needed. Going back tomorrow, so should have more lovely sights to share soon. ©2012 Rahul Jauhari. All rights reserved.

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  • Little Green Bee-Eater

    Little Green Bee-Eater

    Sinhagad Valley Project: The Green Bee-eater is quite a poser, as I have discovered. Again, an exceptionally striking bird, the Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis, is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family. They are mainly insect eaters and they are found in grassland, thin scrub and forest often quite far from water. This one, and its kind, put up quite a show at Sinhagad Valley.  They…

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  • Bay Backed Shrike

    Bay Backed Shrike

    Sinhagad Valley Project: This is from my second visit to the Valley. I shot the bird, but didn’t know what it was, except for its resemblance to a Shrike. A bit of research sorted that out. The Bay-backed Shrike, Lanius vittatus, is a member of the bird family Laniidae, the shrikes, resident in South Asia (source, wikipedia) It’s quite a beautiful bird, as you can see…

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  • Small Minivet

    Small Minivet

    Sinhagad Valley Project : This summer, Sinhagad Valley has quite easily been the highlight of my birding trips. Along with WildWaterWoods, I spotted a host of birds over multiple trips. The valley is a trekkers’ delight as much as it is a birding destination. On one of these trips, this lovely little thing showed itself. The Small Minivet is a delightful…

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